Ref NoNG5388
Alt Ref NoNG5388
Artist or CreatorNicholas Garland
Title or CaptionSecurity Nightmare
Extent1 item
Published byunpublished
Date27 Jan 1994
Size36 x 51cm
Techniqueblack ink
Embedded text or transcriptRussian Right Wing
Reform Programme
Person DepictedKohl; Helmut
Major; John (1943-)
Clinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)
Yeltsin; Boris
NotesNews : The United States, alarmed by political realigments in Moscow warned yesterday that Russian reform was at a 'critical juncture', and any retreat from freemarket policies could lead to economic collapse and renewed confrontation with the west. Fighting off stinging criticism of western policy in Russia and the United States Strobe Talbot, deputy secretary of state - designate said Moscow had a clear choice. "The Russian leadership must understand the cause and effect relationship between reform and outside support. Our support will follow their reform. It cannot be the other way round." Mr Talbot, President Clinton's senior Russian policymaker, came perilously close at times to telling Moscow how to conduct its affairs. Apparently referring to the ascendancy of Russia's new Prime Minister Viktor Chernomydrin, and the recent resignation of 2 key Pro-Western Ministers, he spoke of "a time of troubles for Russia....a titanic struggle is under way." [Simon Tisdall, 25th January 1994]
Presidents USA
right wing politics
prime ministers
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Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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GB/BCA/2367Major; John (1943-)1943-   
GB/BCA/2342Clinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)1946-   
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