Ref NoNG2172
Alt Ref NoNG2172
Artist or CreatorNicholas Garland
Title or Caption[no caption]
Extent1 item
Published bySunday Telegraph
Date? 1980
Size37.25 x 54.5cm
Techniqueblack ink
Person DepictedMiss Piggy
Heseltine; Michael (1933-)
Falkender; Marcia (1932-)
Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,
Macmillan; Harold (Maurice Harold) (1894-1986); 1st Earl of Stockton
Whitelaw; William
Powell; Enoch (1912-1988)
Heath; Edward (1916-2005)
Thorpe; Jeremy (1929-)
Pompidou; Georges (1911-1974)
Smith; Ian (1919-2007)
Gaulle; Charles de, (1890-1970)
Gormley; Joe (1917-1993); Baron
Jones; Jack (1913-)
Murray; Len (1922-2004)
Scanlon; Hugh
Giscard d'Estaing; Valery
Jenkins; Roy Harris (1920-2003)
Brezhnev; Leonid Ilyich (1906-1982)
Carter; Jimmy (James Earl) (1924-)
Kissinger; Henry (1923-)
Dayan; Moshe (1915-1981)
Mao; Zedong (1893-1976)
Nixon; Richard M. (Richard Milhous), (1913-1994)
Kennedy; Edward Moore [Teddy] (1932-2009)
Owen; David, (1938-)
Gandhi; Indira
Ford; Gerald Rudolph (1913-2006)
Amin; Idi (1923?-2003)
Longford; (Frank) Francis Aungier Pakenham (1906-2001); Lord; 7th Earl
Jaws; Fictional character
Sadat; Anwar (1918-1981)
Heffer; Eric
Khomeini; Ruhollah; Ayatollah; 1902-1989
Arafat; Yasser
Benn; Tony (1925-)
Begin; Menachem
Weber; Wendy
Weber; George
Shore; Peter
Castro; Fidel
Steel; David (1938-)
Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013)
Joseph; Keith (1918-1994); Sir
Dame Edna Everage
Foot; Michael (1913-2010)
Callaghan; James (1912-2005)
John Paul (1920-2005); II; Pope
Implied textCartoon strip: The Silent Three of St. Botolph's, a weekly comic strip for The Guardian. The strip focused on three 1950s schoolfriends in their middle-class and nearly middle-aged lives. Wendy Weber, a former nurse married to polytechnic sociology lecturer George with a large brood of children.
SubjectsKu Klux Klan
Copyright contact
Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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GB/BCA/2140Miss Piggy   
GB/BCA/444Heseltine; Michael (1933-)1933-   
GB/BCA/3144Falkender; Marcia (1932-)1932-   
GB/BCA/711Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)1916-1995   
GB/BCA/207Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,1903-1995   
GB/BCA/497Macmillan; Harold (Maurice Harold) (1894-1986); 1st Earl of Stockton1894-1986   
GB/BCA/1715Whitelaw; William   
GB/BCA/1031Powell; Enoch (1912-1988)1912-1988   
GB/BCA/755Heath; Edward (1916-2005)1916-2005   
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GB/BCA/1001Smith; Ian (1919-2007)1919-2007   
GB/BCA/193Gaulle; Charles de, (1890-1970)1890-1970   
GB/BCA/1776Gormley; Joe (1917-1993); Baron1917-1993   
GB/BCA/1175Jones; Jack (1913-)1913-   
GB/BCA/554Murray; Len (1922-2004)1922-2004   
GB/BCA/1162Scanlon; Hugh   
GB/BCA/489Giscard d'Estaing; Valery   
GB/BCA/428Jenkins; Roy Harris (1920-2003)1920-2003   
GB/BCA/984Brezhnev; Leonid Ilyich (1906-1982)1906-1982   
GB/BCA/277Carter; Jimmy (James Earl) (1924-)1924-   
GB/BCA/1913Kissinger; Henry (1923-)1923-   
GB/BCA/1130Dayan; Moshe (1915-1981)1915-1981   
GB/BCA/503Mao; Zedong (1893-1976)1893-1976   
GB/BCA/1149Nixon; Richard M. (Richard Milhous), (1913-1994)1913-1994    
GB/BCA/1177Kennedy; Edward Moore [Teddy] (1932-2009)1932-2009   
GB/BCA/951Owen; David, (1938-)1938-   
GB/BCA/1055Gandhi; Indira   
GB/BCA/2329Ford; Gerald Rudolph (1913-2006)1913-2006   
GB/BCA/1935Amin; Idi (1923?-2003)1923?-2003   
GB/BCA/3009Longford; (Frank) Francis Aungier Pakenham (1906-2001); Lord; 7th Earl1906-2001   
GB/BCA/3352Jaws; Fictional character   
GB/BCA/1736Sadat; Anwar (1918-1981)1918-1981   
GB/BCA/459Heffer; Eric   
GB/BCA/485Khomeini; Ruhollah; Ayatollah; 1902-1989   
GB/BCA/495Arafat; Yasser (1929-2004)1929-2004   
GB/BCA/103Benn; Tony (1925-2014)1925-2014   
GB/BCA/486Begin; Menachem   
GB/BCA/3793Weber; Wendy   
GB/BCA/3794Weber; George   
GB/BCA/1134Shore; Peter   
GB/BCA/1048Castro; Fidel (1926-2016)1926-2016   
GB/BCA/546Steel; David (1938-)1938-   
GB/BCA/615Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013)1925-2013   
GB/BCA/1517Joseph; Keith (1918-1994); Sir1918-1994   
GB/BCA/2670Dame Edna Everage   
GB/BCA/675Foot; Michael (1913-2010)1913-2010   
GB/BCA/510Callaghan; James (1912-2005)1912-2005   
GB/BCA/707John Paul (1920-2005); II; Pope1920-2005   
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