Ref NoMRD0595
Alt Ref NoMRD0595
Artist or CreatorMartin Rowson
Title or CaptionThe war on mediocrity!!!
Extent1 item
Published byThe Guardian
Date03 Feb 2015
Embedded text or transcriptDepartment of Education
Universal Credit
Klik klik
Scapegoat Stage 3
Person DepictedHunt; Jeremy (1966-)
Lansley; Andrew (1956-)
Gove; Michael (1967-)
Duncan Smith; (George) Iain (1954-)
Shapps; Grant (1968-)
Osborne; George (1971-)
Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-);
Clegg; Nick (1967-)
Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)
Implied textSayings; Like shooting fish in a barrel
Fur Cup
Money down the drain
NotesNews: "The habit of using military metaphor to describe peacetime politics is ridiculous and irresistible. British elections are infected with the vocabulary of combat: "war room" for headquarters, "battle bus" for coaches, "boots on the ground" for activists. Journalists, never shy of overstatement, are complicit, and politicians need no encouragement. Yesterday David Cameron declared "all-out war" on mediocrity in schools. ... " Rafael Behr, The Guardian
SubjectsElection campaigns
Conservative Party
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GB/BCA/8970Hunt; Jeremy (1966-)1966-  
GB/BCA/5039Lansley; Andrew (1956-)1956-   
GB/BCA/8149Gove; Michael (1967-)1967-  
GB/BCA/3329Duncan Smith; (George) Iain (1954-)1954-   
GB/BCA/9029Shapps; Grant (1968-)1968-Conservative MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning 2010-2012, Chairman of the Conservative Party 2012-  
GB/BCA/8134Osborne; George (1971-)1971-  
GB/BCA/8128Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-)1966 Oct. 9-  
GB/BCA/8139Clegg; Nick (1967-)1967-  
GB/BCA/8124Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)1969-  
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