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Artist or CreatorMartin Rowson
Title or CaptionYe Constitution
Extent1 item
Published byThe Guardian
Date30 Jun 2014
Embedded text or transcriptTake yet another letter to Her Mijesty's Government ----- ind as usual we'll leave it to them to dot the 'i's, crawse the 't's and lick my 'r's .... [sic]
Breaking News
Miliband "strangled me with cold, dead hands" - Cruddas
BBC EU Triumph . Farage
Nuts By Appointment to H.R.H. Prince
after Gillray and eternal thanks to Willie Rushton
Person DepictedCamilla; Duchess of Cornwall
Charles (Philip Arthur George) (1948-); Prince of Wales
Implied textCartoons: Temperance Enjoying a Frugal Meal by James Gillray
NotesNews: "Ed Balls is to launch a bid to bolster Labour's credibility with business by promising to keep a low rate of corporation tax and attract long-term investors to Britain, as he brushed off criticism from the policy chief Jon Cruddas that a "profound dead hand" within the party is blocking bold reforms.... " Rowena Mason, The Guardian

News: "Prince Charles lobbied Tony Blair's government to expand grammar schools, also exerting pressure over issues including GM food and alternative medicines, according to interviews with ex-ministers collected for a BBC documentary on the prince's political activism. ... " Peter Walker, The Guardian

Cartoonists comment: "In the early days of Private Eye Willy Rushton used to draw a cartoon strip called "Aesop Revisited", exploring the lives of famous people with a moral at the end. When he lampooned Arthur Christiansen, veteran editor of the Daily Express, there was a frame featuring Lord Beaverbrook teaching his golden rules of journalism, which were pretty much as the gag has it here. Although the Rushton strip is over 50 years old, credit where it's due (though he probably nicked it too - it's a very, very old joke)..."
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GB/BCA/2412Camilla (1947-); Duchess of Cornwall1947-   
GB/BCA/1035Charles (Philip Arthur George) (1948-); Prince of Wales1948-   
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