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Alt Ref NoMRD0451
Artist or CreatorMartin Rowson
Title or CaptionDoormat
Extent1 item
Published byThe Guardian
Date05 May 2014
Embedded text or transcriptPfizer
Corporation tax
Pol Pot!!
Person DepictedClegg; Nick (1967-)
Alexander; Danny (1972-)
Osborne; George (1971-)
Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-);
Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)
Shapps; Grant (1968-)
Cable; Vincent (1943-)
Heywood; Jeremy (1961-); Sir
Willetts; David Lindsay (1956-)
Implied textFat cats of capitalism
NotesNews: "The coalition was struggling last night to maintain a united front on the proposed 63bn pound takeover of the British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca by its giant US rival Pfizer as ministers gave conflicting responses to a proposal by Ed Miliband to toughen up the rules to protect key British companies. As AstraZeneca stepped up its campaign against Pfizer, Vince Cable, the business secretary, gave a guarded welcome to by the Labour leader's proposal to expand the public interest test to protect Britain's "strategic" science base. But Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps said Miliband's proposal was "anti-business, anti-jobs and anti-jobs security". The mixed signals from the coalition came after Miliband said no other country in the world would simply wave through a takeover of such strategic national importance. ... " Nicholas Watt, Katie Allen The Guardian

News: 1st May "A future Labour government would ban landlords from evicting tenants as a quick way of increasing rental income, Ed Miliband will announce today as he outlines the most far-reaching changes to the rental market in two decades. ... Miliband has made clear in recent weeks that while reform of the rental market would mark the next stage in his cost-of-living campaign, his plans would stop short of rent controls. Grant Shapps, the Tory party chairman, accused the Labour leader of planning to introduce "Venezuelan-style rent controls". ...." Nicholas Watt, The Guardian
Union Jack
corporation tax
Labour Party
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GB/BCA/8139Clegg; Nick (1967-)1967-  
GB/BCA/8170Alexander; Danny (1972-)1972-  
GB/BCA/8134Osborne; George (1971-)1971-  
GB/BCA/8128Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-)1966 Oct. 9-  
GB/BCA/8124Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)1969-  
GB/BCA/9029Shapps; Grant (1968-)1968-Conservative MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning 2010-2012, Chairman of the Conservative Party 2012-  
GB/BCA/8161Cable; Vincent (1943-)1943-  
GB/BCA/9220Heywood; Jeremy (1961-); Sir1961-Civil servant. Cabinet secretary 2012-  
GB/BCA/3613Willetts; David Lindsay (1956-)1956-   
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