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Artist or CreatorMartin Rowson
Title or CaptionIt's obvious! If you're in work but low paid & on benefits you're a scrounger layabout!
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Published byDaily Mirror
Date24 Mar 2014
Embedded text or transcriptWhereas if you're retired you're clearly hardworking and deserve a Lamborghini!
30k pounds pension pot
Benefits Cap
Person DepictedOsborne; George (1971-)
NotesNews: "Trust-fund Tory George Osborne's welfare cap is a naked political plot to perpetuate one of the nastier Rightwhinge smears. The silver spoon Conservative deliberately fans prejudice by suggesting most social security is wasted on feckless layabouts milking the system. I'll return to the bailed-out banksters who plundered Britain another week but this week's gripe is that we never hear from Osborne an acceptance most of the official welfare bill is spent on pensioners and working people. One lot paid into the pot all of their working lives while the other group isn't paid enough to live on. ... The Lib "let them drive Lamborghinis" Dems are as out of touch as their Con bedfellows when less than 30,000 pounds is in the average pension fund and the party stupidly talks of retirees buying sports cars costing 300,000 pounds. No wonder swindlers and racketeers will be leafing through brochures for country estates at the prospect of skinning alive sitting ducks in a re-run of the multi-billion Thatcher pensions mis-selling scandal of the 1980s and early 1990s. Yet Labour this week backing the welfare cap and a pensions free-for-all experiment is also evidence Osborne is winning the public argument. ..... " Kevin Maguire, The Mirror
Subjectssupplementary benefits
Chancellor of the Exchequer
state pensions
government policy
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GB/BCA/8134Osborne; George (1971-)1971-  
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