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Alt Ref NoMRD0066
Artist or CreatorMartin Rowson
Title or CaptionPaper tigers
Extent1 item
Published byThe Guardian
Date31 Jan 2012
Embedded text or transcriptLook, we just couldn't have stopped him having everything he wanted or he'd have killed us all!
And there's nothing we wanted more than him not having everything he wanted but he'd have killed us all!!
And then he might have run away and killed us all!!!
And anyway it's all Labour's fault so he's still going to kill us all!!
Mew ....
Person DepictedCameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-);
Duncan Smith; (George) Iain (1954-)
Alexander; Danny (1972-)
Osborne; George (1971-)
Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)
Implied textFat cats of capitalism
NotesNews: "Public opinion was adamantly against. The government, sensing the strength of public feeling, urged him not to accept it. Labour, spotting an opportunity, opposed him getting it at all. So did those who used to work for him and have now been laid off. Even Boris Johnson was critical. Amid all that, it is not surprising that Stephen Hester, the chief executive of RBS, has taken the decision to waive his infamous 1m pound bonus. ... It is less than two weeks since David Cameron made a striking speech in which he extolled the idea of responsible capitalism and called for an uprising of active shareholders to get a grip on corporate strategy...." The Guardian
Conservative Party
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Labour Party
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GB/BCA/8128Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-)1966 Oct. 9-  
GB/BCA/3329Duncan Smith; (George) Iain (1954-)1954-   
GB/BCA/8170Alexander; Danny (1972-)1972-  
GB/BCA/8134Osborne; George (1971-)1971-  
GB/BCA/8124Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)1969-  
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