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Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionWhat, again?
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Published byEvening Standard
Date08 Mar 1943
Embedded text or transcript1919 Too risky Too expensive Against our traditions Against our interests Homes for
heroes Reconstruction Plans Social Financial Industrial Interval of 20 odd years of stagnation
unemployment misery & chaos ending in World War II 1943 Too risky Too expensive Against
our traditions Against our interests Beveridge Reconstruction Plans Social, Financial, Industrial
Person DepictedColonel Blimp; (fictional)
Notes The Beveridge Report. - Parliamentary Debates. - Government accepts Leading Principles. ... The
House of Commons debated the Beveridge Report on Social Security on Feb. 16-18. ...Lord Snell,
replying, said the government considered that something must be done, since to take refuge in
postponement would be to leave post-war problems to be settled by uncontrolled economic forces;
on the other hand, it would be folly to ignore the financial outlook, but they were determined
that it should not be the sole determining factor. To neglect on purely financial grounds to
provide for future social security might be mistaken policy in itself and a betrayal of the
people's aspirations, and there was no need to be hopelessly pessimistic with regard to post-war
conditions. The Government had welcomed the Report with good will, and to reserve the right to
decide what could be done, and when, and what matters should have priority, was not a repudiation
of Beveridge, but "Beveridge unsweetened" - reduced as it were to reality. Between 80 and 90 per
cent of the Report had been approved by the Government, including the revolutionary change as
regards children's allowances, and that within 13 weeks, and though they could not promise to
bring in a Bill at any given date owing to the complexity of the matter the nation would
certainly not condemn them because in 13 weeks their examination of the vast problems opened up
by the report was incomplete. ... [Keesing's Contemporary Archives p.5675]
Beveridge Report
social services
Social attitudes
post-war restoration
government planning
Reports and inquiries
post-war expectations
government policy
World War 1914-1918
World War 1939-1945
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GB/BCA/173Colonel Blimp; (fictional)   
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