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Alt Ref NoLSE2921
Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionThe war spreads to Portland Place
Extent1 item
Published byEvening Standard
Date07 Mar 1941
Embedded text or transcriptB.B.C. To-day's programme - The Symphony by the Pmilb quartette is off, it
having been discovered that politically they are nuts Signed Colonel Blimp O.C.
Decontamination Depot Pritt for President Pritt for the peoples choice (sez you)
Person DepictedColonel Blimp; (fictional)
Pritt; D. N.
Musso; (Low's dog)
NotesImage 1: See LSE2921 for published cartoon. Illegible pencil text ending with "Flat
Earth" written on bottom right border. News: Labour condemnation of communism and "People's
Convention" activities. Mr Pritt's refusal to resign Parliamentary seat. The position of
certain members of the Labour Party who participated on Jan. 12 at a "People's Convention"
in London was examined on Jan. 20 by the National Executive of the Party. At the "People's
Convention" one of whose most prominent members is Mr D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P. for North
Hammersmith, a programme was adopted for a "people's government and a people's peace",
contrary to the Labour Party's policy of supporting the Government and pursuing the war for
the defeat of Hitlerism and aggression. On Feb 11 it was announced that the North
Hammersmith Labour Party had asked Mr. Pritt to resign his seat in view of the fact that
his opinions and activities did not represent the views of the electors of the constituency
and that his general political attitude was indistiguishable from Communism; this Mr Pritt
declined to do. ... [Keesing's Contemporary Archives p.4510] B.B.C. position of artists and
employees belonging to People's Convention or conscientious objectors. Mr. Churchill's
statement. Mr Churchill, replying to parliamentary question on March 20, stated that the
B.B.C. had decided, on reconsideration, that artists who attended "People's Convention"
meetings should not be debarred from giving broadcasts in the normal way. While the
government did not wish to accord special facilites at the microphone to persons whose
words and actions were calculated to hamper the national war effort, the connection between
such activities and musical and dramatic performances was not apparent nor worth while
establishing.Dealing with a decision made by the BBC in the cases of two of their
technicians - a decision which he endorsed - the Premier said that anything like
persecution, victimisation, or man-hunting was odious to this country, It was, however,
quite a different matter to employ conscientious objectors in highly confidential and
responsible technical work which should be reserved for those who fully supported the
national war effort. Conscientious objectors allowed to broadcast would do so in their
capacity as musicians only, but a certain amount of power in the selection of music should
be retained; a very spirited rendition of "Deutschland uber Alles" could hardly be allowed.
[Keesing's Contemporary Archives p.4518] Image 2: See DL1707 for original artwork and
conscientious objectors
Labour Party
civil defence
Portland Place
World War 1939-1945
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Fax: 02075660388
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GB/BCA/173Colonel Blimp; (fictional)   
GB/BCA/3966Pritt; D. N.   
GB/BCA/2400Musso; (Low's dog)   
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