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Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionTiming the favourite
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Published byEvening Standard
Date22 May 1939
Embedded text or transcriptMon Dieu! Two months so far! 1cwt of lead Mr. C.'s Anglo-Russ Maisky
Person DepictedMaisky; Ivan Mikhailovich
Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)
Halifax; Edward Frederick Lindley Wood (1881-1959); Earl of
Bonnet; Georges (1889-1973)
Daladier; Edouard
NotesForeign Policy. House of Commons Debate. - Russia and the Anti-Agression Front. A debate
on foreign affairs took place in the House of Commons on May 19 ... Mr. Chamberlain: ... "we
would refuse to discuss any methods by which we could satisfy reasonable aspirations on the part
of other nations, even if it meant some adjustment of the existing state of things. There are may
concessions which might without too great difficulty be made if one could be quite certain that
those concessions would be used only for the purposes for which they were given... If we could
have the conviction that there was no intention of aggression, or of the further use of force in
the relations between Germany and other countries then, I think, you would find that we should
not be backward in stating what in our view were the lines on which we could discuss terms for
permanent peace." Turning to the discussions with Russia, Mr Chamberlain said that he was not
concerned with Russian internal political doctrine; we were concerned with the best method of
building up what Mr Eden had called a peace front. The British Government, therefore, was not
actuated by mistrust of Russian ideology, nor did they despise Russian assistance. But "the
direct participation of Russia, might not be altogether in accordance with the wishes of some of
those for whose benefit these arrangements were being made ... Accordingly we suggested to the
Soviet Government that they should make declaration with regard to Poland and Rumania similar to
the one made by ourselves and France ... but the Soviet Government apparently thought the offer
was not reciprocal... Since the proposal was not acceptable we have tried again." He regretted
the decision of the Soviet Government not to send M. Potemkin to Geneva to meet Viscount Halifax;
he hoped, however, that with the help of the French Government the difficulties which had arisen
would be overcome. ... [Keesing's Contemporary Archives p.3584]
collective security
International relations
scientific instruments
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