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Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionGang War
Extent1 item
Published byEvening Standard
Date27 Jul 1934
Embedded text or transcriptGhost of the late Mr. Dillinger: "Gee! De big mistake I made waz I didn't go into
politics..." ...News ...Austria
Person DepictedDillinger; John (1903-1934)
Goebbels; Josef (1897-1945)
Goering; Hermann (1893-1946)
Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)
Mussolini; Benito (1883-1945)
NotesBackground information: On July 25, 1934, members of the forbidden NSDAP started a coup
d'état in Austria. They managed to seize the Chancellor's office and assassinated Engelbert
Dollfuß. Not least because Nazi-Germany did not want to get involved in an international crisis
and therefore didn't support the rebels, the coup was unsuccessfully. Beside Hitler and
Mussolini, depicted in typical gangster outfit and with conspirative gestures, this cartoon shows
John Dillinger, an American bank robber, who was shot dead by a policeman in Chicago on July 22,
1934. By contrasting the fascist leaders of Germany and Italy with Dillinger, Low satirically
denounces them as criminals.
Historical periods and persons
Third Reich 1933-45
foreign policy
social policy
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GB/BCA/2109Dillinger; John (1903-1934)1903-1934   
GB/BCA/345Goebbels; Josef (1897-1945)1897-1945German politician. Minister of Propaganda from 1933-45. Known for his zealous speeches and anti-Semitism. Chief architect of the Kristallnacht attack on German Jews considered to be the first manifestation of the Nazi violence culminating in the Holocaust.  
GB/BCA/323Goering; Hermann (1893-1946)1893-1946German politician, military leader and leading member of the Nazi Party. He was Commander of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). In 1936 he took complete control of the Four Year Plan for German rearmament. He played a key role in the annexation of Austria (Anschluss) in 1938. He was known for his extravagant tastes and garish clothes. Goering was a violent morphine addict.  
GB/BCA/394Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)1889-1945Born in Austria. Politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). He served as German chancellor from 1933-1945 and head of state (Fuhrer) from 1934-1945. He established a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideals of national socialism. He gained support for his views on German nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism and anti-communism through his impassioned speeches and propaganda. He wanted to establish a New Order of absolute rule in Europe and pursued a policy of seizing land by force for the Aryan people.  
GB/BCA/58Mussolini; Benito (1883-1945)1883-1945   
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