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Alt Ref NoLSE2073
Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionCabinet meeting during the next war.
Extent1 item
Published byEvening Standard
Date28 May 1934
Embedded text or transcriptWhat to do against Air Gas Attack
It should be remembered that air planes are for bombing you, not for protecting you from being bombed.
Cover your garden and house with a two inch layer of bleaching powder and earth and top that with 4 inches of sand, sawdust or soot. (Official instructions)
"Get into a hot bath, smoke a pipe and laugh, and you will be nearly safe. Chemical Expert.
Prime Minister Blimp
"Gad, Sir, the Air League is right. WE must oppose all proposals for the abolition of military aviation."
Person DepictedHailsham; Douglas McGarel Hogg (1872-1950); Viscount
Simon; John Allsebrook (1873-1954); 1st Viscount
Colonel Blimp; (fictional)
Baldwin; Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); Earl
Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)
Thomas; James Henry (1874-1949)
MacDonald; James Ramsay (1866-1937)
SubjectsNational Government
anti-personnel gases
ex-prime ministers
invasion precautions
prime ministers
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
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GB/BCA/355Hailsham; Douglas McGarel Hogg (1872-1950); Viscount1872-1950   
GB/BCA/260Simon; John Allsebrook (1873-1954); 1st Viscount1873-1954   
GB/BCA/173Colonel Blimp; (fictional)   
GB/BCA/4Baldwin; Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); Earl1867-1947   
GB/BCA/146Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)1869-1940   
GB/BCA/9Thomas; James Henry (1874-1949)1874-1949Labour politician. Expelled from the Labour Party and the National Union of Railwaymen in 1930.
Secretary of State for the Colonies 1924
Lord Privy Seal 1929
Secretary of State for the Dominions 1930-1935
Secretary of State for the Colonise 1935-1936.
Resigned 1936 over stock exchange scandal.
GB/BCA/3MacDonald; James Ramsay (1866-1937)1866-1937   
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