Ref NoLSE0861
Alt Ref NoLSE0861
Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionThe modern "Rake's Progress" - The Rake gives a cocktail party
Extent1 item
Published byPall Mall Magazine
DateMar 1934
Person DepictedDe Rothschild; James Armand (1878-1957)
Lavery; Hazel (1880-1935); Lady
Boothby; Robert (1900-1986); Baron
Churchill; Randolph S. (Randolph Spencer), (1911-1968)
Fairbanks, Jr; Douglas (1909-2000)
Ross; Denison; Sir
Sassoon; Philip; Sir
Lillie; Beatrice (1894-1989)
Preston; Harry; Sir
Collier; Constance (1878-1955)
Coward; Noel (1899-1973)
Lawrence; Gertrude
Duff Cooper; Diana; Lady
Cooper; Duff, (1890-1954); Viscount Norwich,
Ronald; Landon (1873-1938); Sir
Wolfe; Humbert (1885-1940)
Stourton; Jeanne (1913-1987); Lady Camoys
Beaton; Cecil Walter Hardy (1904-)
Implied textCartoons: Rake's Progress by Hogarth
NotesColour image to accompany article by Rebecca West
cocktail parties
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Fax: 02075660388
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GB/BCA/5714De Rothschild; James Armand (1878-1957)1878-1957   
GB/BCA/5715Lavery; Hazel (1880-1935); Lady1880-1935   
GB/BCA/118Boothby; Robert (1900-1986); Baron1900-1986   
GB/BCA/1369Churchill; Randolph S. (Randolph Spencer), (1911-1968)1911-1968   
GB/BCA/864Fairbanks, Jr; Douglas (1909-2000)1909-2000   
GB/BCA/1592Ross; Denison; Sir   
GB/BCA/842Sassoon; Philip; Sir   
GB/BCA/5716Lillie; Beatrice (1894-1989)1894-1989   
GB/BCA/1232Preston; Harry; Sir   
GB/BCA/5717Collier; Constance (1878-1955)1878-1955   
GB/BCA/170Coward; Noel (1899-1973)1899-1973   
GB/BCA/5718Lawrence; Gertrude   
GB/BCA/1599Duff Cooper; Diana; Lady   
GB/BCA/168Cooper; Duff, (1890-1954); Viscount Norwich,1890-1954   
GB/BCA/5719Ronald; Landon (1873-1938); Sir1873-1938   
GB/BCA/4235Wolfe; Humbert (1885-1940)1885-1940   
GB/BCA/5720Stourton; Jeanne (1913-1987); Lady Camoys1913-1987   
GB/BCA/2769Beaton; Cecil Walter Hardy (1904-)1904-   
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