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Alt Ref NoLSE0157
Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or Caption[no caption]
Extent1 item
Published byThe Spectator [New Zealand]
Date29 Oct 1908
Embedded text or transcript"On the Stump"
Silent Hardy (Selwyn)
Rennie (Ellesmere)
A witty person (Riccarton)
F. Rowell (Ellesmere)
Craigie (Timaru)
Geo. Forbes (Hurunui)
Davy (?)
Jimmy (Avon)
Socialist Sullivan (Avon)
Pulley (Hurunui)
Dr. Thacker (Lyt.)
Davy Jones (Ashburton)
Moore (Kaiapoi)
Terrible Tommy Taylor (
Georgy Laurenson (Lyttelton)
A Dickie Bird (Selwyn retired)
Flatman (Geraldine)
Fred Cooke (
Kalamon Buro
"Boxy" (
Tanner (Avon)
Mayor Davis (Ashburton)
Acroyd (
G.W. Russell (Avon)
Person DepictedHardy; Charles Albert Creery (1843-)
Rennie; John (1840-)
Craigie; James (1851-)
Forbes; George William
Sullivan; Daniel Giles (1882-1947)
Pulley; George Phipps
Thacker; Henry Thomas Joynt, 1870; Dr.
Jones; David (1874-)
Moore; Richard, 1849
Taylor; Thomas Edward (1862-)
Laurenson; George
Bird; Richard (1834-1922)
Flatman; Frederick Robert (1843-)
Cooke; Frederick Riley (1867-1930)
Tanner; William Wilcox (1851-)
Russell; George Warren (1854-)
NotesPrinted as a full page, 12.
SubjectsNew Zealand
election candidates
prime ministers
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
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GB/BCA/3762Hardy; Charles Albert Creery (1843-)1843-   
GB/BCA/3747Rennie; John (1840-)1840-   
GB/BCA/3748Craigie; James (1851-)1851-   
GB/BCA/1242Forbes; George William   
GB/BCA/3757Sullivan; Daniel Giles (1882-1947)1882-1947   
GB/BCA/3759Pulley; George Phipps   
GB/BCA/3749Thacker; Henry Thomas Joynt, 1870; Dr.   
GB/BCA/3756Jones; David (1874-)1874-   
GB/BCA/3750Moore; Richard, 1849   
GB/BCA/3751Taylor; Thomas Edward (1862-)1862-   
GB/BCA/3752Laurenson; George   
GB/BCA/3760Bird; Richard (1834-1922)1834-1922   
GB/BCA/3753Flatman; Frederick Robert (1843-)1843-   
GB/BCA/3758Cooke; Frederick Riley (1867-1930)1867-1930   
GB/BCA/3754Tanner; William Wilcox (1851-)1851-   
GB/BCA/3755Russell; George Warren (1854-)1854-   
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