Ref NoGS0342
Alt Ref NoGS0342
Artist or CreatorSidney 'George' Strube
Title or CaptionPublished caption: Father Noah's Ark (From The Walt Disney Silly Symphony).
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Express
Date21 Nov 1934
Size38.1 x 53.2cm
Techniqueblack ink/blue crayon
Embedded text or transcript"Oh! I'm Father Noah,
Captain of this Ark:
I make plans, and give commands,
To build the Ark." "We're Cham, Sam and Jimmie,
Father Noah's boys;
From dawn to dark
We build the Ark
And make a lot of noise." "I'm Mother Noah!
Father Noah's wife,
I wear the pants
On board this boat,
You bet your life." "Oh! We are the terrors,
Determined as can be;
In side that Ark
We will not park
YOU WAIT AND SEE!" White Paper Ark
after Disney
Person DepictedMacDonald; James Ramsay (1866-1937)
Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)
Hoare; Samuel John Gurney (1880-1959); Sir
Thomas; James Henry (1874-1949)
Baldwin; Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); Earl
Churchill; Winston (1874-1965)
Implied textNoah's Ark
NotesSigned : Strube after Disney Bottom margin : Ed On reverse : London only
SubjectsUnion Jack
White Papers
public inquiries
Noah's Ark
Historical periods and persons
Clothing and dress
Copyright contact
Location of artworkReturned to Beaverbrook Foundation, 1998
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GB/BCA/3MacDonald; James Ramsay (1866-1937)1866-1937   
GB/BCA/146Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)1869-1940   
GB/BCA/395Hoare; Samuel John Gurney (1880-1959); Sir1880-1959   
GB/BCA/9Thomas; James Henry (1874-1949)1874-1949Labour politician. Expelled from the Labour Party and the National Union of Railwaymen in 1930.
Secretary of State for the Colonies 1924
Lord Privy Seal 1929
Secretary of State for the Dominions 1930-1935
Secretary of State for the Colonise 1935-1936.
Resigned 1936 over stock exchange scandal.
GB/BCA/4Baldwin; Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); Earl1867-1947   
GB/BCA/7Churchill; Winston (1874-1965)1874-1965British politician. Became a Conservative MP in 1900 and held the offices of President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary, First Lord of the Admiralty, Chancellor of the Exchequer eventually becoming Prime Minister from 1940-1945 and from 1951-1955. A noted statesman and orator, he was also an officer in the British Army, an historian, writer and artist.  
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