Ref NoFO0180
Alt Ref NoFO0180
Artist or CreatorTrog [Wally Fawkes]
Title or Caption[no caption]
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Mail
Date21 Nov 1949
Techniqueblack ink
Embedded text or transcriptOh Flook, I never thought I would see you again
I was rather worried about your future too, Rufus
But why didn't you work your old magic?
oh well, you know, I can't always do it to order
Do you remember when you used to change into tubas, and pressure-cookers and...
Oh! So you don't like me as I am!
Oh no Flook, I didn't mean that. I love you just as you are
Person DepictedRufus
NotesFO0180-285: Volcano Island. Flook, testing his powers of transformation, becomes a unique old chair and is sold by an antique dealer to Sir Clangy Bell, morose millionaire. Rufus tracks the chair to the Bell mansion. Sir Clangy, friendless despite his wealth, asks the friends to stay. They are prohibited from East Wing, but discover that it houses a nursery, preserved from the past before Sir Clangy's daughter Ermine was sold to the chief of Volcano Island by rascally Mossy Mildew. A map of the island was left behind, but nobody could interpret it as it is in basic troglodyte. Flook, of course, understands it and Sir Clangy proposes to sail for the island on his yacht, taking the friends too. But villainous butler warns Mossy Mildew of the search and the yacht is pursued to Southern waters by an armed vessel. Trapped between two seeming pirate ships, they then find that they have been caught up in a film directed by Orson Kaart. They borrow the director's bathysphere to recover the map (which sank in the wreck, as it is on stone), they are sunk by Maggot and crew but resurface by Flook magic. Maggot's ship is then blown up by the villains who are rescued by Kaart's crew, whom they then incite to mutiny. Flook asserts command and the Maggoteers are marooned on a nearby island. Elatedly, it is discovered that this is Volcano Island. The Kaart vessel lands there: Flook and party encounter five versions of Sir Clangy's daughter and discover that they are all children of long-lost Ermine, now married to a shipwreck scion of a county family and running a tearoom on the Island. O. Kaart wants to film them all and Sir Clangy wants to stay put with his newly-found family. But the villains persist, attempting mass-poisoning etc., and finally Mildew and aide storm the volcano to seize the gold of which it is supposed to be made. They find it hollow, the local dentist having used it all for fillings. The villains sail off. (Moses Maggot, perennial villain of Flook series, here called 'Mossy Mildew' throughout, possibly because of U.S. syndication?)"
SeriesVolcano Island
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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