Ref NoDL1534
Alt Ref NoDL1534
Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionNot a good impersonation, Adolf
Extent1 item
Published byEvening Standard
Date12 Sep 1939
Size36 x 51cm
Techniqueblack ink/blue crayon
Embedded text or transcriptPeace and just settlement after Hitler withdrawal from Poland
Hints of fake peace proposals "After Hitler's occupations of Poland"
Person DepictedRibbentrop; Joachim von (1893-1946)
Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)
NotesField-Marshal Goring's speech. A speech was made on Sept. 9 at a Berlin armaments factory by Field-Marshal Goring which included the following: "The Polish Army will never emerge again from the German embrace. We can hope that within fourteen days of beginning the chief things will be achieved, and in a few weeks more the last work of cleaning up will be finished. We estimate that the whole campaign to the last clearing up will not last more than four weeks. ... If the Poles are now defeated then the threats to Germany on two fronts cease. That was always a serious danger for us. Owing to the inspired conduct of the Fuhrer, by the conclusion of the Russian Pact, that danger is passed. ..." Addressing himself to Mr Chamberlain, Field-Marshal Goring said: "You cannot doubt the will for peace of the German people. It is great and deep and the peace-will of the Fuhrer is very deep. We wish for peace and are ready for peace. ... " [Keesing's Contemporary Archives p.3720]
SubjectsThird Reich 1933-45
International relations
World War 1939-1945
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Location of artworkReturned to Beaverbrook Foundation, 1998
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GB/BCA/626Ribbentrop; Joachim von (1893-1946)1893-1946   
GB/BCA/394Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)1889-1945Born in Austria. Politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). He served as German chancellor from 1933-1945 and head of state (Fuhrer) from 1934-1945. He established a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideals of national socialism. He gained support for his views on German nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism and anti-communism through his impassioned speeches and propaganda. He wanted to establish a New Order of absolute rule in Europe and pursued a policy of seizing land by force for the Aryan people.  
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