Ref NoDL0866
Alt Ref NoDL0866
Artist or CreatorDavid Low (1891-1963)
Title or CaptionThe New Member
Extent1 item
Published byEvening Standard
Date14 Sep 1934
Size33 x 46.5cm
Techniqueblack ink/blue crayon
Embedded text or transcriptGeneva Branch of the Blimp family: "Gad,sir, can't think what the Committee is up to, lettin' a Russian into the Club. The feller's obviously no gentleman."
Anti Bols[h News] Latest Plots
Anti-Bolsh News
Disgraceful Goings-On
League of Nations
Vulgar disarmament ideas
The Promise
The Daily Vow
Morning Pledge
Word of Honour
Person DepictedLitvinov; M. M. (Maksim Maksimovich), (1876-1951)
Barthou; Louis (1862-1934)
Simon; John Allsebrook (1873-1954); 1st Viscount
Colonel Blimp; (fictional)
NotesRepublished in Years of Wrath p.20. Commentary: When Germany began rapidly to rearm in defiance of the Versailles Treaty, France turned to Russia. The former pariah Bolshevik (personified here in Foreign Commissar Litvinov) joined the League of Nations on the initiative of France (Barthou) with the approval of Britain (Simon). This attempt to recreate the pre-war balance of power, after Germany and Japan had withdrawn from Geneva, met with protests from Switzerland and Poland and from individual anti-Bolsheviks and pro-Fascists everywhere.
John Allsebrook was British Foreign Secretary 1931-1935
Louis Barthou was French Foreign Minister Barthou had, in 1934, proposed an 'Eastern Locarno', under which Russia would come to the aid of France, Poland and Czechoslovakia should any be attacked. Poland and Czechoslovakia objected to any Soviet involvement, and Germany refused to sign, as did Britain, making the treaty worthless. France was then determined to include Russia in the League, in a permanent seat, as an alternative alliance against Germany, which, along with Japan, had quit the League in 1933.
After 17 days of heated negotiation, mainly an attempt to convince Poland, Canada, Belgium. Holland, Jugoslavia and Switzerland, Russia joined the League in October 1934.
International relations
League of Nations 1919
gentlemen's clubs
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Location of artworkReturned to Beaverbrook Foundation, 1998
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GB/BCA/60Litvinov; M. M. (Maksim Maksimovich), (1876-1951)1876-1951   
GB/BCA/2097Barthou; Louis (1862-1934)1862-1934   
GB/BCA/260Simon; John Allsebrook (1873-1954); 1st Viscount1873-1954   
GB/BCA/173Colonel Blimp; (fictional)   
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