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Artist or CreatorDave Brown
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Published byThe Independent
Date24 Nov 1998
Embedded text or transcriptOK ...Look.. what it is, is ... y'know ... my Government will kinda ... well ...
y'know ...kinda do stuff. Yeah! ..... stuff like ... Beep beep beep incoming text message
Person DepictedCampbell; Alastair
Blair; Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) (1953-)
Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain,
NotesNews: Today the "Queen's Most Excellent Majesty"
presents "Her" government's legislative programme for the new parliamentary year. Amidst
the pomp and flummery, fancy dress and walking bckwards, she will put her voice to the
elected government's bills. But we should pause to ask a simple question: why? Britain is,
of course, not actually a democracy but a constitutional monarchy. Despite one revolution
and four and a half centuries of radual evolution, the Queen remains head of state. As
such, she will not only read out today's speach, but must give her assent if any bill is to
become law. This is either a quaint, but irrevelant trdition or an influential and
important role. Either way the Queen should give it up. [Leaders and Comment, The
Independent, 24 November 1998]
House of Lords
House of Windsor
Labour Party
press secretaries
hereditary peerages
spin doctors
prime ministers
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GB/BCA/2357Campbell; Alastair   
GB/BCA/2350Blair; Tony (1953-)1953-   
GB/BCA/225Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain1926-   
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