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Artist or CreatorMichael Cummings
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Extent1 item
Published byDaily Express
Date27 Sep 1971
Embedded text or transcriptFestival of Spy-hunting Being questioned for selling secrets of H.M.S Victory to
Foreign Power "If it had been Harold Wilson in power, I'd have said it was a gimmick to
take everybody's mind off the million unemployed"
Person DepictedStalin; Joseph (1879-1953)
Maudling; Reginald (1917-1979)
Heath; Edward (1916-2005)
Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,
Brezhnev; Leonid Ilyich (1906-1982)
NotesNews: 24 Sep: Highest figures for unemployed since the war. Mr Carr, Secretary of State
for Employment said he hoped that when uncertainty about Britain's entry into the common
Market was settled people would be more inclined to increase investment. After six years of
stagnation it was hard to convince them that expansion would begin and go on. ..[The Times]
News: 24 Sep: The curate of Christ Church, Virginia Water, Surrey, the Rev. Bruce Lyons,
said that hoax letters were being circulated in an attempt to wreck the Festival of Light
rally in London. The rally is part of a campaign against moral pollution. [The Times] News:
27 Sep: The Soviet Union protested to Britain about the mass expulsion of Soviet officials
from London. She threatened to take "corresponding measures in reply" if the British
Government did not reconsider the matter. The Soviet note linked the British move with an
accusation that British policy had been hindering East-West détente and a conference on
European security. ...[The Times]
protest marches
Trafalgar Square
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