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Artist or CreatorDave Brown
Title or CaptionHow Miliband found his voice....
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Published byThe Independent
Date29 July 2011
Embedded text or transcriptNasal cavity
Hard palate
Ugly malignant growth gradually monopolizes airways inhibiting free speech. Surgical removal allows patient to become more vocal.
Person DepictedMiliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)
Murdoch; Rupert (Keith Rupert) (1931-)
NotesNews: " ... The Labour leader underwent a successful operation on his nose to correct a breathing problem. Mr Miliband suffers from a condition in which the throat narrows or closes during sleep, preventing air from getting into the lungs, causing the person to repeatedly wake up for an instant. As symptoms of sleep apnoea - aggravated in his case by a deviated septum - include heavy snoring and restlessness, the person most likely to notice the difference is Mr Miliband's new wife, Justine. The hour-long NHS procedure took place at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in central London. A Labour source denied suggestions that part of the intention of the operation was to make him sound less "bunged-up". He said: "I've spoken to him since the operation and his voice sounds exactly the same." ..." The Independant
SubjectsLabour Party
News International
party leaders
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GB/BCA/8124Miliband; Ed (Edward Samuel) (1969-)1969-  
GB/BCA/457Murdoch; Rupert (Keith Rupert) (1931-)1931-   
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