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Artist or CreatorMartin Rowson
Title or CaptionNo 78: Eager, m'darlings, to eavesdrop on the unfolding history of Tony's Last Days (watch this space),
Extent1 item
Published byThe Times
Date12 Jul 2003
Embedded text or transcriptthis week I toddle off to The Old Testament Prophets Lunch, a slap-up feed for a sinister and shadowy group of Lefty labour M.P.s conspiring, conniving and convened by Bob Marshall-Andrews Q.C., the sea-green incoruptible Marat of Medway - Helas, I arrive at the Cato Street venue late, and anyway the whole shebang is covered by Chatham House Rules (like the cider house rules, only worse), so I can tell you Nothing, not even that "they dined on roasted baby, washed down with jugs of blood! Their pants were python (maybe) and their jackboots caked in mud!", to quote someone or other - Nothing daunted, I pursue said Marshall-Andrews to the Terrace of ye Ouse of Commons, and after his return from voting against fundamentalist hospitals or something I breathlessly spectate the Unfathomable Mysteries of the Ancient Ceremony of Rebuking Paul Routledge! - Falstaff on Falstaff, as I live and breathe - rahnd an'abath Westminster, Black Tuesday 20003
Ayyobbaooballadoo balla ayooblamnuphff?
Oi! If you'be not got another 50p I'll get another 3 bottles!
Hey! Was that the diviision bells?
No no no, old boy! That was the Central Lobby Famous grouse!
I've had enough! I've gust seen a WMD programme at the bottom of my glash!
Bally heck! Some damned constituents just spilled bolly on my spats!
Aay oop Jad! 'Ave another!
Who's that 5 years old child belong to?
It's either a researcher or the next Health Secretary but three...
Cooo-eee! Legislators! Say "Heavily Subsidized Cheese" everyone"
Only 3'
House of Commons Blanc de Blanc
C. Rumsey
So if Cookie can bring himself to share smoke-filled room with Gordon and Gordon can forgive Hain sufficiently to get him to stitch up a deal with Dobbo and Smithie, and to nobble the Conference enough to allow Cookie, Gordon, Hain, Dobbo and Clare to fix it for Meacher to speak and 15 jam jars full of Iraqi nerve agent are discovered in Alastair's locker at the gym, then would Tony going by Thursday afternoon to be too wide of the mark? Hello? Is anybody listening to me?
Titanic Thames Tours
Person DepictedMeacher; Michael Hugh (1939-); The Right Honourable
Campbell; Alastair
Cook; Robin
Hain; Peter
Brown; Gordon (1951-)
Dobson; Frank
Short; Clare
Blair; Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) (1953-)
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GB/BCA/3456Meacher; Michael Hugh (1939-); The Right Honourable1939-   
GB/BCA/2357Campbell; Alastair   
GB/BCA/2349Cook; Robin   
GB/BCA/3219Hain; Peter   
GB/BCA/2417Brown; Gordon (1951-)1951-   
GB/BCA/2489Dobson; Frank   
GB/BCA/2414Short; Clare   
GB/BCA/2350Blair; Tony (1953-)1953-   
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