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Artist or CreatorMatt [Pritchett; Matthew]
Title or CaptionMy goodness, it's gone as dark as ...
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Published byDaily Telegraph
Date12 Aug 1999
Embedded text or transcriptShhh, Philip, don't say it!
Person DepictedPhilip; Prince, (1921-); consort of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain,
Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain,
NotesNews: 11 Aug: "The Duke of Edinburgh apologised yesterday after the Indian community became the latest group to be offended by one of his ill-judged, off-the-cuff remarks. During a walkabout at an Edinburgh electronics factory, Prince Philip remarked that a fusebox bursting with wires looked 'as if it was put in by an Indian'. His remark prompted immediate condemnation. Kumar Murshid, who chairs the national assembly against racism, said the prince's comments were disgraceful. 'This sort of thing is of great concern to us because people expect the royal family to set an example,' he said. Within hours Buckingham Palace had issued an apology. .... " Gerard Seenan, The Guardian
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GB/BCA/1021Philip; Prince, (1921-); consort of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain1921-   
GB/BCA/225Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain1926-   
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