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Artist or CreatorGeorge Gale
Title or CaptionA Threnody in memory of the departed year
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Telegraph
Date31 Dec 1986
Embedded text or transcript1986
After the New Year revelries were done The bells of hope still ringing far away, To greet the greater glory of the gun Two policemen fell before the IRA
Bob Geldorf was the nation's favorite son Though honours were not his on New Year's Day. Brittan and Heseltine now stood alone, As did the largest lemon ever grown.
The Times
Leaks and disasters marked the month of Feb. Westland still news, and after Westland, Wappping, With Murdoch safe behind his barbed-wire web, Leyland for sale and General Motors shopping. Durham was news, where faith began to ebb, Up went the jobless, oil and sterling dropping. Challenger, too, was sadly seen to fail, And rashly rode the Queen on British Rail
Philippines democracy
Though March saw Marcos out, Aquino in, Hatton the militant and striking pickets Showed just how hard it is for right to win (West Indies trounced us by a clear 10 wicket), and Olof Palamen seeing war as sin, Paid with his life by buying movie tickets. Eros came back, Today was launched in colour, Chirac was chosen, France at once seemed duller. Sanctions now!
Songs by Britten
Clint for mayor
The GLC in April ceased to be, as did James Cagney and Sir Peter Pears. Winnie Mandela, fighting to be free, demanded sanctions as and aid to spears, And US planes based here bombed Tripoli, Which angered some, while others gave three cheers. In Carmel, California most at least would Be glad they made a mayor of Clint Eastwood.
Chernobyl spread its horror over May (And that was only peacetime - say no more). In Paris, Windsor's Duchess passed away To old Cole Porter tunes - he knew the score. Lord Shinwell, too, at last was heard to say, "I've had enough," before they closed the door. Joe Johnson beat Steve Davis at world snooker, While Botham swore he'd never smoked a hocha.
'Sir' Bob
Tough Dancing Brave, the Derby tipster's nap Gave Shahrastani's backers such delight, Kurt Waldheim who refused to take the rap Was glad the Austrian voters got it right. Bob Geldorf said, "Sir Geoffrey's talking crap", And thus became an honorary knight. The Church of England, leaving reason shocked, Believed that women priests should stay defrocked.
Person DepictedHeseltine; Michael (1933-)
Geldof; Bob; Sir
Brittan; Leon
Murdoch; Rupert (Keith Rupert) (1931-)
Hatton; Derek
Aquino; Corazon
Mandela; Winnie
Shinwell; Emmanuel (1884-1986)
Botham; Ian Terence (1955-)
Howe; (Richard Edward) Geoffrey (1926-); Sir
Runcie; Robert Alexander Kennedy (1980-1990); Archbishop of Canterbury
Jenkins; David E. (1925-)
Eastwood; Clint, (1930-)
Pears; Peter,; Sir
Davis; Steve (1957-)
NotesText by Roger Woddis
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