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Alt Ref No22678
Artist or CreatorMichael Cummings
Title or Caption"It's his fault!"
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Express
Date12 Jun 1972
Embedded text or transcript'6 years of Labour misrule'
'13 years of Tory misrule'
Person DepictedHeath; Edward (1916-2005)
Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,
Macmillan; Harold (Maurice Harold) (1894-1986); 1st Earl of Stockton
Eden; Anthony, (1897-1977); Earl of Avon,
Churchill; Winston (1874-1965)
Attlee; C. R. (Clement Richard) (1883-1967)
Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)
Baldwin; Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); Earl
MacDonald; James Ramsay (1866-1937)
Bonar Law; Andrew (1858-1923)
Lloyd George; David (1863-1945)
SubjectsLiberal Party
Conservative Party
Labour Party
prime ministers
ex-prime ministers
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GB/BCA/755Heath; Edward (1916-2005)1916-2005   
GB/BCA/711Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)1916-1995   
GB/BCA/207Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,1903-1995   
GB/BCA/497Macmillan; Harold (Maurice Harold) (1894-1986); 1st Earl of Stockton1894-1986   
GB/BCA/216Eden; Anthony, (1897-1977); Earl of Avon1897-1977   
GB/BCA/7Churchill; Winston (1874-1965)1874-1965British politician. Became a Conservative MP in 1900 and held the offices of President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary, First Lord of the Admiralty, Chancellor of the Exchequer eventually becoming Prime Minister from 1940-1945 and from 1951-1955. A noted statesman and orator, he was also an officer in the British Army, an historian, writer and artist.  
GB/BCA/82Attlee; C. R. (Clement Richard) (1883-1967)1883-1967   
GB/BCA/146Chamberlain; Neville (Arthur Neville) (1869-1940)1869-1940   
GB/BCA/4Baldwin; Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); Earl1867-1947   
GB/BCA/3MacDonald; James Ramsay (1866-1937)1866-1937   
GB/BCA/299Bonar Law; Andrew (1858-1923)1858-1923   
GB/BCA/5Lloyd George; David (1863-1945)1863-1945President of the Board of Trade 1905-1908.
Chancellor of the Exchequer 1908-1915.
Prime Minister 1916- 1922.
Leader of the Liberl Party 1926-1931.
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