Ref No21944
Alt Ref No21944
Artist or CreatorJak [Raymond Jackson]
Title or Caption"Now that's what we call an impartial committee!"
Extent1 item
Published byEvening Standard
Date04 Feb 1972
Embedded text or transcriptGerry Fitt
Teddy Kennedy
Col Gadaffy
Dom Mintoff
Person DepictedMcAliskey; Bernadette Devlin (1947-)
Fitt; Gerry (Gerard) (1926-); Sir
Kennedy; Edward Moore [Teddy] (1932-2009)
Qaddafi; Muammar (1942-)
Mintoff; Dom
Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)
NotesNews: 2 Feb: Lord Widgery, Lord Chief Justice is to make the inquiry into the clash between paratroops and civil rights demonstrators in Londonderry. Asked if it would boycott the tribunal, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association said: "We may well. This inquiry is totally unacceptable. We want an international inquiry by the International Commission of Jurists. Nothing else will do." [The Times]
Subjectscivil rights
Reports and inquiries
Bloody Sunday, Northern Ireland, 1972
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
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GB/BCA/750McAliskey; Bernadette Devlin (1947-)1947-   
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GB/BCA/1177Kennedy; Edward Moore [Teddy] (1932-2009)1932-2009   
GB/BCA/498Qaddafi; Muammar (1942-)1942-   
GB/BCA/1325Mintoff; Dom   
GB/BCA/394Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)1889-1945Born in Austria. Politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). He served as German chancellor from 1933-1945 and head of state (Fuhrer) from 1934-1945. He established a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideals of national socialism. He gained support for his views on German nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism and anti-communism through his impassioned speeches and propaganda. He wanted to establish a New Order of absolute rule in Europe and pursued a policy of seizing land by force for the Aryan people.  
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