Ref No17891
Alt Ref No17891
Artist or CreatorRichard Willson
Title or CaptionParty Manifesto's or State Epicures taking un Petit Souper
Extent1 item
Published byObserver
Date31 May 1970
Embedded text or transcriptTax cuts ~ East of Suez GNP Publick expenditure the entire National Product is
too small to satify their insatiable appetite Richard Willson after Gillray
Person DepictedHeath; Edward (1916-2005)
Pitt; William (1759-1806); the Younger
Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Napoleon I (1769-1821); Emperor of the French
Implied textCartoons: The plumb-pudding in danger: - or - state epicures taking un petit
souper' depicting William Pitt and Napoleon Bonaparte; etching by James Gillray, published
by Hannah Humphrey published 26 February 1805.
SubjectsElection campaigns
general elections
party manifestos
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GB/BCA/755Heath; Edward (1916-2005)1916-2005   
GB/BCA/598Pitt; William (1759-1806); the Younger1759-1806   
GB/BCA/711Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)1916-1995   
GB/BCA/558Napoleon I (1769-1821); Emperor of the French1769-1821   
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