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Artist or CreatorMichael Cummings
Title or Caption"As we can't see any aggressive intentions from the Russians, let's start peace talks with them!"
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Express
Date29 May 1970
Embedded text or transcript"Peace in our time!"
Munich bier [sic]
To the Middle East
Person DepictedBrezhnev; Leonid Ilyich (1906-1982)
Implied textOstpolitik.
Neville Chamberlain: The printed statement that Neville Chamberlain waved
as he stepped off the plane on 30 September, 1938 after the Munich
Conference had ended the day before stated: "... "My good friends, for
the second time in our
history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing
peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time... Go home and get
a nice quiet sleep."
NotesNews: 29 May: Nato ministers considered that the US would have no alternative but to supply more Phantom strike aircraft to Israel if the Soviet Government continued to supply missiles, artillery and technical help to Egypt for deployment along the Suez Canal line.
SubjectsArab-Israeli war 1973-1993
Middle East
Munich Agreement September 1938
arms supply
burying your head in the sand
peace talks
peace treaties
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GB/BCA/984Brezhnev; Leonid Ilyich (1906-1982)1906-1982   
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