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Artist or CreatorEmmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]
Title or Caption"Old Emmwood's Almanack for the first six months of 1969
- [and under each picture from left] JANUARY Russians demand sanctions against America for
invasion of moon. Big freeze hits Britain. Barbara Castle delighted. Threat as more power
cuts to come. Election rumours. FEBRUARY Cubans hi-jack Apollo 9. Russia blames Britain.
Freeze continues. Harold Wilson threatens to resign and join Tories. Students revolt.
Opinion polls forecast election soon. MARCH Favourites first and second in Grand National.
Russia accuses Harold Wilson of rape of Czechoslovakia. Thaw sets in. Barbara Castle
furious. More revolting students. Election imminent. APRIL Enoch Powell joins labour Party.
Government resigns. Powell takes over as P.M. of caretaker government. Tories resign.
Wilson flees to Scilly Isles. Russia warns. General election demanded by revolting primary
school students. MAY Harold Wilson returns fron the Scilly Isles at head of 20,000
revolting students. Ian Smith and Russia demand sanctions against Britain. General De
Gaulle calls for general election. Britain goes to the polls. JUNE George Brown comes out
of retirement and is elected leader of coalition government. Jim Callaghan furious.
Cartoonists delighted. New Premier Brown appears on telly. Appeals to nation. General
election imminent."
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Mail
Date28 Dec 1968
Embedded text or transcriptAbominable No-Woman I go but I come Back Lord Wigg The New Firm The Old Firm
Keep Britain Pink The First Hundred days will be the worst
Person DepictedNapoleon I (1769-1821); Emperor of the French
Castle; Barbara (1910-2002); Baroness Castle of Blackburn
Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Wigg; George (1900-1983)
Welch; Fred
Powell; Enoch (1912-1988)
Brown; George (1914-1985); Baron George-Brown
Callaghan; James (1912-2005)
Subjectsrace relations
ex-prime ministers
Conservative Party
Labour Party
television sets
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
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GB/BCA/558Napoleon I (1769-1821); Emperor of the French1769-1821   
GB/BCA/1051Castle; Barbara (1910-2002); Baroness Castle of Blackburn1910-2002   
GB/BCA/711Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)1916-1995   
GB/BCA/1009Wigg; George (1900-1983)1900-1983   
GB/BCA/3791Welch; Fred   
GB/BCA/1031Powell; Enoch (1912-1988)1912-1988   
GB/BCA/706Brown; George (1914-1985); Baron George-Brown1914-1985   
GB/BCA/510Callaghan; James (1912-2005)1912-2005   
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