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Artist or CreatorEdward McLachlan
Title or CaptionAttention Young Socialists, Conservatives and Liberals Below are some of the fireworks that are a must for your annual bonfire
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Published bySunday Mirror
Date03 Nov 1968
Embedded text or transcriptThe Wilson Progress Wheel
Progresses in ever decreasing circles
Stewart Damp Squib Light blue touch paper and forget it
Home Zoomer - Harmless except to moorland wild life.
The Jim Jail-breaker - Banned by police
Little Jumping Jeremy - Hops about aimlessly but fun to watch.
Heath Blue Fire - Light (if you can find touch paper) & wait until 1971 for something to happen
The Nab-r-o - Explodes in a cloud of burning hair. (Light both ends)
Enoch White Powell - Light one in any crowded street and watch the results - IT'S A RIOT!
another but more dangerous version
Jenkins pocket Rocket - keep well away from pockets
The Brown Bouncer - Leaps from place to place uttering loud noises. (And that's before lighting touch paper.)
A collection of fireworks called True Blue Tories. Light in nearest comprehensive school. Warning Light them together or nothing will happen.
The P.I.B Trouble-shooter
Cannot be held in the palm of the hand.
Healey's Comet - Light with 1 pound note and wings and nose cone fall off.
Benn Whizz Kidder - Switched on rather than lit. Dangerous if kept in a Cabinet.
Crossman Social Whirler - Light pink touch paper and retire immediately on the dole. Can be held in the hand by any layabout.
Stonehouse Double Trouble - Rises rapidly in the sir. Watch it break in two, the back half falls to the ground while the front part carries on.
Of course we must not forget the traditional Guy Fawkes for the bonfire. Choice is simple. If you are a Young Socialist you will obviously want to burn A and so on.
Person DepictedWilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Stewart; Robert Michael Maitland (1906-1990); Baron Stewart of Fulham
Callaghan; James (1912-2005)
Heath; Edward (1916-2005)
Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,
Thorpe; Jeremy (1929-)
Nabarro; Gerald; Sir
Powell; Enoch (1912-1988)
Jenkins; Roy Harris (1920-2003)
Brown; George (1914-1985); Baron George-Brown
Castle; Barbara (1910-2002); Baroness Castle of Blackburn
Healey; Denis Winston (1917-); Baron Healey
Benn; Tony (1925-)
Crossman; Richard (1907-1974)
Stonehouse; John
SubjectsLiberal Party
Guy Fawkes Night
Labour Party
Conservative Party
Copyright contact details22nd Floor One Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5AP 020 7293 3700
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GB/BCA/711Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)1916-1995   
GB/BCA/1034Stewart; Robert Michael Maitland (1906-1990); Baron Stewart of Fulham1906-1990   
GB/BCA/510Callaghan; James (1912-2005)1912-2005   
GB/BCA/755Heath; Edward (1916-2005)1916-2005   
GB/BCA/207Home of the Hirsel; Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995); Baron,1903-1995   
GB/BCA/1116Thorpe; Jeremy (1929-)1929-   
GB/BCA/1169Nabarro; Gerald; Sir   
GB/BCA/1031Powell; Enoch (1912-1988)1912-1988   
GB/BCA/428Jenkins; Roy Harris (1920-2003)1920-2003   
GB/BCA/706Brown; George (1914-1985); Baron George-Brown1914-1985   
GB/BCA/1051Castle; Barbara (1910-2002); Baroness Castle of Blackburn1910-2002   
GB/BCA/990Healey; Denis Winston (1917-); Baron Healey1917-   
GB/BCA/103Benn; Tony (1925-2014)1925-2014   
GB/BCA/1050Crossman; Richard (1907-1974)1907-1974   
GB/BCA/1044Stonehouse; John   
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